​​Nani (also known as MuppHits) began her broadcasting journey in March 2013 when she was approached by Coach Kev   of Damage365 to join his newly-launched Damage365Radio. Nani joined Host Coach Kev and co-host JT as Damage365's on-air analyst weekly for three months. Together, they participated in live shows every Sunday, speaking about the hottest topics in professional wrestling. After twelve shows, she left Damage365. This would have been the end of the story had it not been for one man -  Erik of VOC Nation Radio Network and WrestlingMarx.

 Nani made a special return to Damage365Radio at the request of Coach Kev for one show, only-- a tribute show to "Macho Man" Randy Savage, which aired on November 17, 2013. 
VOC Wrestling Nation won "The Best Booked Show" at the Wrestling Radio Awards in January 2014. 
Nani took a hiatus from broadcasting in February 2014 but, later that month, Nani was offered a new venture by VOC Nation Radio Network’s Owner/CEO Bruce Wirt; however, this time, she would be hosting. Pandemonium waslaunched on VOC Nation Network in March 2014. Coach Kev, of Damage365Radio, co-hosted the new venture. During this time, Bruce had asked Nani if she would be willing to participate in VOC Nation's #BabeBracket2014, to which she had surprisingly agreed to participate. Although she admitted to being uncomfortable about the contest, itself, she found comfort and humor, thanks to Glenn, VOC Nation Radio Network's website designer. After the photographs were taken, Glenn used photoshop on the photos-- but not in the way that you would think for a contest called "BabeBracket". Glenn inserted Muppets and The Fraggles into the photographs, which was a joke on Nani's nickname, "MuppHits". 
She was voted the winner by listeners & followers. 

​​In June 2013, Nani was offered a co-hosting position with VOC Nation Radio Network, to which she ecstatically accepted. In June 2013, she began co-hosting and conducting interviews on VOC Nation Radio Network's flagship show, VOC Wrestling Nation. VOC Wrestling Nation was hosted by "The Voice of Choice" Bruce Wirt and WrestlingMarx Erik. Aside from the live shows, she began covering live events and wrestling conventions with VOC Nation Radio Network from that point forward. Once she had left Damage365, she didn't want to pursue any other show ventures but, when Erik reached out to her about going to VOC Nation, which was and is one of the biggest, most-respected wrestling networks, she could not and would not turn it down.

In August 2013, Nani was asked to co-host VOC Nation’s Divas’ Lounge and she did so for two months. Divas' Lounge was
hosted by Lady B and had initially aired during the afternoon on VOC Nation. Nani co-hosted Divas' Lounge during its new prime-timeslot for nine weeks before the show was cancelled.  In October 2013, Nani returned to VOC Wrestling Nation and co-hosted the flagship show, alongside Bruce Wirt, Pro-Wrestling Illustrated's Brady Hicks, and stand-up comedian, King David Lane, who joined VOC Nation in December 2013.

From March 2014 until January 2015, she would host Pandemonium and, at times, VOC Wrestling Nation, with King David Lane, as the two shows were scheduled in consecutive time slots on Wednesdays.

In December 2014, Global Force Wrestling reached out to Nani, asking if she would like to participate in promoting Wrestle Kingdom 9. Wrestle Kingdom 9 took place at the historical Tokyo Dome and was undeniably one of the biggest events in professional wrestling. Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett's wrestling company, was joining efforts with NJPW to produce one of the most respected and entertaining wrestling events. On December 23, 2014, Jeff Jarrett and Scott D'Amore both joined Nani for, what turned out to be, the last time she would host Pandemonium on the VOC Nation Radio Network. In January 2014, Nani announced that, due to schedule changes, she would have to take an indefinite hiatus from broadcasting. 

Pandemonium was nominated for several Wrestling Radio Awards, including "Male Interview of the Year", "Female Interview of the Year", and "Best New Show" at the Wrestling Radio Awards. 

In February 2016, Nani admitted that she would not be returning to VOC Nation Radio Network and announced the launch of Pandemonium Radio Network.

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