Why Pandemonium? Why Pandas?

I have done an extensive amount of explaining for about a year now.  I have been asked about my hiatus, my departure from the VOC Nation Radio Network, and the launch of Pandemonium more times than I could ever possibly count. I am not complaining about any of the above, however.  It is pretty amazing to me.

This is an explanation of the backstory and inspiration for Pandemonium. 
"Pandemonium" is not just a word for me.  It is a way of life. Although the term is synonymous with destruction and chaos, it is viewed as a positive term to me. You have to have fun in life and you have to laugh. Life is way too short to do anything else.

Thank Yous 
I'd like to thank WrestlingMarx Erik for approaching me to join the VOC Nation Radio Network in early June 2013. Thank you, Bruce Wirt, for giving me a chance and giving me a permanent home. You both are amazing and I appreciate everything. Everyday, I appreciate the fact that you both re-trained me in your likeness. Your advice and wisdom is instilled in my brain forever.

Thank you, King David Lane and Coach Kev for co-hosting Pandemonium. It was a lot of work but it was definitely made easier thanks to you both. Thank you, Greg DeMarco for advice. All of your enthusiasm was unlike anything else.

Thank you, Glenn, for the insane work that you put into everything that we did and working hard on the graphic design.
Last, but not least, thanks to listeners of Pandemonium or any show I hosted/co-hosted on VOC Nation Radio Network. Your support and interaction was unparalleled. I am grateful.


So Why Pandas?
When "The Voice of Choice" Bruce Wirt asked me if I would like to host a show on my own (in lieu of co-hosting), it was a no-brainer when it came to naming the show for the reason listed above.  Bruce called into the premiere (well, he actually "pranked" us) and said he only called into the show to talk about pandas. It became an ongoing joke with the listeners and on-air talent and, between the jokes about the name and the fact that my family and I have all exchanged an embarrassing amount of gifts that have to do with pandas over the years, we decided to use pandas as our logo.

When the time came to build this website, there was no other person that I would have asked to work on the website and graphics other than Glenn (GMacDesigns).  Glenn had worked on the VOC Nation Radio Network's website and (yes, I know you're tired of hearing it) he made BabeBracket2014 enjoyable for me because, although I did agree to participating in it when Bruce asked me to, I was uncomfortable with it. 

Glenn has shared countless projects with me over the years and I didn't want this to just be another job for him.  He is very talented but he also has an awesome sense of humor, which inspired me to suggest that he create a bunch of badly-behaved pandas for the website.  He took any idea I threw at him and brought it to a level that I could not have conceived in my brain.

By using this word as the name of the show, I wanted to honor my family, in a way, because they were/are instrumental in my life. Sometimes, I tell stories about my family but I do try to keep it to a bare minimum. I would place a photo here but I am very protective of them, so I do try to refrain from doing so.  Plus, I think you guys would realize that my family is way cooler than me (haha).  Anyone who has been around my family has adored them and I consider myself very lucky to have such an amazing line-up of people in my life. 

I am extremely lucky to have an amazing family who is not only loving and supportive, but they are "pandemonious", as well. When I talk about my family, it is not restricted to my parents and younger brother, but my uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandmother, too. Pandemonium has been a word that we have thrown around for two decades and we use it to reference family events and happenings. My cousin, Victor, and I have been gifting each other shirts with Pandas on them that say "Pandamonium" on them for the past few years.